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Embracing Free Thought. 
Local Creators.

Live life on the EDGE !

​At Edge Radio Australia, community engagement is at the heart of our mission. We don't just broadcast; we connect, inspire, and ignite conversations that matter.

As a
grassroots station, we understand the significance of collaboration, relying on the support of friends like you to drive our initiatives.

Our commitment to the
community goes beyond the airwaves, as we actively engage in local events, workshops, and initiatives that foster open dialogue, critical thinking, and artistic expression.

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DJ Set

A Quality Control Auditor shows an Australian 

Senator just what she found while working for Pfizer.....

Playing Music

The Schedule

Edge Radio Australia plays amazing music 24 / 7 as we seamlessly blend music, captivating conversations and diverse discussions.

Our thought-provoking shows and engaging guests are complemented by a playlist of exceptional tunes, creating a well-rounded experience that resonates with your mind, soul and lifestyle.


1:00 PM

The Greater Wealth

Derek Whitaker. Travis Carter

4:00 PM

You Can't Say that!

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

"Community Focus"

On break back soon

"Urban Meltdown"

Aaron Malloy

Brett Costello


1:00 PM

8:00 PM

Crypto Hour Of Power

Gavin's Garage

Brandon Bartlett

Gavin Crossley


1:00 PM

"Come Fly With Me"

8:00 PM

Urban Tunes with Brett

Jim, Ian , Paul and Ged. Pearce Flying Club

Brett Costello


5:00 PM

The One Thing

6:00 PM

All About Relationships

Lisa and Leanne

8:00 PM

DJ Cai!

Wayne Brown

DJ Cai




Freedom Fridays!

International Panel from Australia
to the U.S.A


Making Money with
Crypto Currency

Tim McCracken

5:00 PM

Personal Power

Drew Geldert

6:00 PM

West Coast Coooler

 8+ hours of WA LOCAL talent


11:00 AM

That was a BIG day!

Rossco Hunter

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

90's or 00's til Infinity!

Gavin Crossley

Keep Laughing forever RETRO

B - Man

9:30PM on

Party like it's .............!!

Who is that masked DJ?


Reheat the PIZZA!

The weeks most requested replays ALL DAY!
  Check out our FaceBook page for deets.

Music Equipment


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Connect with us on Facebook, and if you're able, consider making a contribution to support the preservation of uninhibited expression. Your support matters.


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Account Number: 89 525 9522



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